Achalasia – Five years after POEM surgery

Last week I had again a checkup. Actually everything is almost fine. Since January 2017 I lost 12 kilos of weight, I did some diet because I reached 90 kilos in Xmas and definitely this was too much for me. So now I feel lot better and even the occasional pains in the chest have gone. The only thing I still suffer a bit is reflux. Actually I do not feel  it but the examination of my esophagus revealed some hot spots of burning at the lover part of the esophagus. So I will continue to take 20 mg Esomep every second day as well some Gaviscon (Natrii Alginas) for tapping the reflux. I will tell you how about the effect about this kind of treatment in one year. So finally I can only say that after all POEM helped me a lot and gave to me my normal life and eating behavior back to me. Thank you Dr Inoue! 


Achalasia – Three year after POEM surgery

This week I had my third check-up. The doctor had a look to my esophagus and how looks the stomach. As far as time passed everything looks quite good. I also feel well and do not feel anything disturbing. I still take Esomep 40mg per day, in the morning before breakfast. The signs of acid in the lower part of the esophagus are not growing, everything stays stable.

I’m very happy how everything worked for me and I hope all of you having achalasia and you also did the POEM procedure are in the same way happy with your decision.

So until next year with a new report….

Achalasia – Two year after POEM surgery

Time is passing quickly, this week I had my second check-up, more than two years passed since Prof. Dr. Inoue and Prof. Dr. Seewald did the POEM surgery. As always for this check-up I was not allowed to eat or drink for 10 hours before the check-up. The doctor asked me how I feel and if I have still some problems. Happily I was able to answer all questions negative and only about the chest pains I had to say, that in the past year I felt them four times, but rather weak and not able to compare with the pains before the surgery. So in my point of view I feel 100% fine and very happy.
Anyway I have to be careful, that’s about my wight, I’m still 88kg and this is around 3-4 kg too much for my hight (1.77m). Also this helps to press some acid liquid from the stomach to the esophagus, so when the doctor did some examination of the esophagus, he saw some red spots, a sign of acid which irritate the esophagus. So I have to continue to take Esomep 40mg every morning before the breakfast. Personally I feel that Esomep 40mg are helping better than other products I had in the past.
After one hour I left the hospital very happy. So see you again in one year ….

Achalasia – One year after POEM surgery

I just returned from the hospital where I had to be for an one year after check-up from my POEM surgery. My doctor was very glad to see me and also to know that I feel absolutely fine. He asked me if I have any problems for swallowing, pains in the chest or regurgitation, none of this in my case. Only when I eat a lot at the evening and the upper part of the bed is not a bit elevated, so it can happen that a bit of reflux goes up the esophagus and disturb me a bit. He asked also about my wight, and as I have now 4 kg additional, it would be better to get rid of them. Sometimes it can happen, that when the stomach grows it will do some pressure on the lower esophagus and then one can feel some small pain or just a sensation of burning. So I will take this advise seriously.
After that he did some esophagus examination for looking if there are any signs of reflux in my lower esophagus. After sleeping nicely (I’m really addicted to this procedure, it’s a nice sensation how the medicament put you to sleep within such a short time) I awoke and I got some cafe and dry bread, well after 10 hours not eating and drinking I was very thankful to get something tommy stomach. I had again a final speech with my doctor about what he saw, nothing to be worry about, some little signs of reflux but using the acid blocker, this can be controlled easily. So I was very happy that everything is okay. So until next year, ….

Achalasia – Nine months after surgery

First day in 2013, happy new year to everybody. Also there passed now more than 9 month since my surgery and I just can tell, that I feel very good. Except of yesterday, I never felt anymore chest pains, I can eat normal and during night I sleep again normal. Yesterday I felt this chest pain. I had it twice during the day. In the morning for around 15 minutes and in the afternoon for around 30 minutes. This was again the first time I felt these pains for month. I think that in the last week I was eating a lot and my weight went up for around 3 kg. I imagine, that the stomach is getting bigger and like this reacting with the esophagus. Maybe therefor the pain comes. So now I really will burn some kilos and then let’s see if I will feel better. I also found out that at night is better not to eat so much, like this during night I will not have the feeling that the food is pushing up. Also I still take in the morning the 40 mg Pantozol. Now in May 2013 I will have again an exam of my esophagus, so I will see for then if there was no acid reaction on the entrance to the stomach.

So looking back to 2012 I can only say that it was the right decision I took to have treated my Achalasia in using POEM as surgery alternative. I hope those of you which also took this decision are feeling equal happy as I do. Good luck to everybody for 2013.

Achalasia – Five months after surgery

The month are passing so quick, we are in August, 5 month to Christmas and 5 month passed since my surgery. As I wrote in my last blogs I feel better and better, now I can say that the few chest pains I still had went away. Since 7 weeks I do not feel any burning in my chest or other strange things, I would say I’m to 99% absolutely normal.

I still take every day mostly before breakfast one pill of 40mg Pantoprazol, just for safety that no acid liquids will go up my esophagus. Around in 8 month I will go to check-up to my doctor and then we will see, if I do have a problem with reflux or not. As far as I can feel, I do not have acid reflux.

By the way, I found a link which does explain very well the method of POEM by the Prof. Dr. Inoue himself and there are a lot of videos just showing the procedure in detail:

Achalasia – Five weeks after surgery

Since my last blog entry I have been on holidays. I just had time to relax, to take my life a bit more easy and to do things I wanted to do, but I had no time. I even went on a cruise to the meditarean sea, I just had a great time. But it was also a time where I was able to eat normally and to observe if I have some troubles with some kind of food. Just to say it short, I felt great, I had no problems at all and I was able to eat and drink everything I liked, so I should not wondering why my weight went up for 3 kilos!

The bed on the ship was big and rather plane, so I was a bit afraid that I could get problems with reflux or coughing in the night because some liquids are coming up the esophagus, but this was not at all the case. Only twice I felt around 6 o’clock in the morning a bit acid down there on the stomach, it was not really burning, just a bit strange. So I went for drinking water and the strange feeling went away. All other 9 days I hadn’t at all problems.

I was able to eat all kind of food, fruits, salad, fish, meat, bread and even pizza! All went straight down and I never had a feeling that some food is stuck and I have to drink something. Now I am drinking less while I am eating than before the operation.

So I have to say that I am very happy about the surgery and that I feel so fine and can do again my normal life. POEM is just a great surgery method and really very soft intervention for the body.

I still take twice a day 40 mg of Pantozol and on 28th of may I will have a control of my esophagus, so for then I will tell what my doctor thinks about all the development and if the clips have already gone.