Achalasia – The day after the POEM surgery

The night I spent quite well, I woke up 3 times, as the nurse changed my infusions and antibiotics. She also gave me a new injection of Pantozol and painkillers. The last phase of sleep was 3:30 to 8:30, I had no pains at all. Only I have a sore throat from the intubation, but may disappear in the next 2 days.The day passed quietly. I spent the time on the laptop, watch TV or listen to music. In the evening I was allowed to eat for the first time tea and soup. I ordered a chicken soup and chamomile tea. I could swallow very well and was not feeling bad.
Since I have a room to the south, the sun appears from the afternoon. Although I have the shutters down, it is quite warm. As I was then measured my temperature of body at 19 clock I had about 37.4 degrees celsius. I’ve thought about infection, etc. But it was nothing. By 2 clock in the morning they have me re-measured the temperature and there was all back in the green zone, 36.6 degrees celsius.

In the evening I had received no more pain medication, let’s see how I will survive the night.
In the night I had a pain the first time, nothing special, just like before the surgery this burn behind the chest. Previously, I had the feeling of gastricflui, and I really had to swallow again, but now I’m not so sure. Anyway, I woke up at 23 o’clock suddenly with the burn in my chest. I thought what is going on now, should I call the nurse, but I have decided to drink some tea and wait. After about 30 minutes the pain was gone and I tried to go back to sleep. About 3 clock again, I got a pain, it was not as strong, relatively weak. These passed after about 30 minutes and then I could go back to sleep until about 7 clock in the morning.


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