Achalasia – The 2nd day after the POEM surgery

The day went smoothly. The sore throat went away and so I could now drink “painless”, but only up to 11 clock. Because Prof. Seewald would again in the evening perform a gastroscopy and look to the inside of the esophagus how it looks like, check the hemostatic clips and check the passage to the stomach. So I had to stay sober. Thanks to the infusions this is not really a problem.

With a little delay of 1 hour, I was driven by the bed to the examination room, it was already 18 o’clock. There were still fully operational and the beds with some other patients were a snake. I recognized the back of my assistant which have often sent me into the land of dreams. A cool guy, always set up and even though he has been working all day, he is still friendly, smiles and makes his jokes. I had to go from my bed over to the examination table and was wired with electrodes to monitor and they gave me a tube of oxygen.

So now I have again received my dose of propofol, with time I suspect this is addictive.The feeling is totally cool. The assistant injected me with a catheter into the vein, look at me and says I will asleep in 15 seconds and I should choose a nice dream. I look at him and shake my head to say, this one I hold on longer. He laughed and said that in less than 5 seconds I will be dreaming and so it was! I then woke up again in my bed just in front of the examination room.

Warning about propofol:
Do not try it yourself, otherwise you can end up like one of these pop stars, then you can see the radishes from below.

After the investigation Prof. Seewald stated briefly that everything is fine, the passage to the stomach is enlarged and the clips are in the right position. These clips will fall in the next weeks itself and excreted in the stomach and intestines. As a gift I have received the images of gastroscopy, and indeed before the surgery and after surgery, the difference is obvious.

When I arrived back in the room, I could take a tomato soup, a cream of chicken soup, yogurt and a multi-vitamin juice to me. I digested everything without problems and had no feeling that something is going back into the esophagus. Let’s see how the night will be.

Sweet dreams.


2 thoughts on “Achalasia – The 2nd day after the POEM surgery

  1. Hello my name is David and i have just had botox injection a few months ago, which as helped my achalsia, but they wont give any more because the cost. They want me to have a poem operation which i am very worried about, can you eat most things now and how long was your recorery period after the poem, please can you advise me as i am very worried thank you Davib.

    • Hi David, please read my Article ‘Achalasia – The day of the operation using POEM’ as well as the other ones how I feel one year later. I just feel great and my normal life came back and I can eat of everything. But one advise, ask how many operations your surgery did using poem and ask a patient of him about his story, maybe this helps you. I wish you luck, good bless you. Yours roger. Achalasia – The day of the operation using POEM

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