Achalasia – The 3rd day after the POEM surgery

Well, I think I must choose another title, it will start to be boring. But what was going on this Saturday.

During the night I had no pains at all, I could not sleep very well, probably because of sitting around and lack of exercise. Prof. Seewald made a short visit, asked me if everything is OK, and then he discussed the days to come and what I can eat. Mainly soups, puree, fish  and minced meat. The infusion he also dropped from the program.

Then, when the infusion was away I was able to take untroubled showers. After that, I’ve got the best clothes from the closet and dressed me, I felt 100% normal again, where I am, in a hospital? I can not believe myself that 3 days after the surgery, I feel so well. Of course, what I still can not say is how good the food slips (especially larger pieces of meat, bread, fruits, etc.) through the esophagus into the stomach later on in some weeks. But for that I have to have patience. What should not happen now is that the hemostatic clips which were used to close the opening in the esophagus, fall off too early.

Okay, so freshly dressed, I made a little reconnaissance tour out of the hospital, because I knew that my father and my wife come to visit me, I was waiting for them outside. I did this well, they did not expect me to see me in the open air, enjoying the spring sunshine and welcome them like this.

Lunch was already richer than the last few days. I started with a tomato soup, then a cup carrot puree, broccoli puree, mashed potatoes and enough gravy. Then for dessert a vanilla ice cream. The only problem that I have is diarrhea after eating. The whole of the soft stuff just slips up through the intestine and is processed there. This is the following of the antibiotics. I think tomorrow I will return to normal conditions.

The afternoon was marked by my stories I have experienced with my surgery and how great everything was. The subject came up when actually I can go out of the hospital. If I just sit around and be careful what I eat, then I can do this also at home. I’ll talk to my doctor when he sees a possible withdrawal date. I hope so, that would be on Monday or Tuesday at the latest.

In the evening I received my dinner. I’ve digested very well and after a bit of TV shows, I took a sleeping pill 1mg Temesta. I slept very well, deep and up to 8 o’clock. No pains at all!

Temesta can be addictive, so use only occasionally and deliberately, then steer clear.


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