Achalasia – My last day at the hospital

Now there passed six days since I’ve joined the hospital, today is the last day. Tomorrow I will go home at 9 o’clock. But first what happened to me last night.

I have again taken a Temesta, but this time only 0.5 mg and slept like a bear. In the morning I felt a bit dizzi.

Sometimes in the evening I feel a slight pull to the right side of my body which goes up to my chin. Nothing unpleasant, but it did occur to me after the surgery. Before I never felt something like this. Otherwise I have no pain, nothing at all. The bowel is now behaving quite normal.

For breakfast I had received a Pantozol 40 mg, 1 multi-vitamin juice, yogurt and two servings of chocolate. The morning went smoothly. I had  a look to my blogs and answered the comments which my followers have written. It now seems that there are some people following my story, I am very pleased. Only I do not know if my blog meets the expectations of the people and how I could improve it.

The day before my blood was examined, the results were fine, no infections, everything fine, I’m happy.

For lunch I had mashed potatoes, ground meat, mashed vegetables and multivitamin juice. I could eat everything without problems.

I spent the afternoon outside the hospital. I walked a little bit up the hill to see how about my condition. Well, I guess because of the surgery and not walking a lot I’m more slowly walking. So I’m at least able to pay off my bike at home again.

At 18:10 was dinner time, they served me perch fillet with risotto and spinach. Everything went down without problems. Dessert was a pineapple. Sometimes I forget that I still have this clip in me, I just trust that they already hold.

Now I’ll stop reporting from the hospital and no longer report every day, but only from time to time, or if something special happen to me.


3 thoughts on “Achalasia – My last day at the hospital

    • Hi,

      I still feel very good and it was the right decision that I took in let me operate by Dr. Inoue. I do not have any problems and most important for me is that the chest pain have gone!

      Good luck for your son.

      Best regards


  1. You are very lucky to have had such a wonderful recovery,! I have Chronic Vigorous Achalasia Type 3. I lost 56 lbs prior to surgery It’s been only a month since my POEM surgery. I am still on liquids, that and “mushy” food like rice pudding or pot de creme, or watermelon that I have to chew for a very long time, and still losing weight. You can see all my hip bones, etc, and I am bed ridden The pain is like strangulation in my voice box area and I can’t speak for more than 5 minutes it’s torture, then along the lower esphogueal sphincter I am just always in pain and grabbing my chest, etc, like nothing’s changed. Cannot get a deep breath, etc……my Doctor said it was major surgery, he worked with Dr. Inoue.
    I don’t see a time where I can eat normally again, but I have hope reading your blog. I am happy to hear your success.
    Take care, I am happy to hear such progress and you are enjoying life again!!!

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