Achalasia – Back at home

My last night at the hospital passed through. I took another 0.5 mg Temesta to sleep really well. The nurses were ordered by the doctor not to bother me at night. Without the written consent of the doctor, they would have continued to monitor me. I put the upper part of the bed not as high as the other nights. Just in this night I woke up at 3 clock with a light burning behind the breastbone. I took orange juice which I have been reserved for such cases, but it has not really helped me.Then I drank water then the burn went away. I could go back to sleep and then had a good rest.

At 7 o’clock I then got up, made the morning ablutions and dressed me, I wanted to as quickly as possible to leave the hospital. Prof. Seewald visited me for the last time. He  asked me for an appointment in around 2 months for a short follow-up. I also asked him what can I now eat and drink. He told me that I should still wait for another 2 weeks before eating meat, chicken, bread, cheese, etc. I could drink again everything, including beer and wine. Only the strong spirits, I should rather leave, anyway I have no problem with this.

And so after the breakfast, which was served at 08:30, I made my way back home, I was very happy. Everything went well during the last 6 days, no pain, I felt again strong enough and with the lovely day, pure sunshine, I even felt better.

From Zurich to my home, I took the train and then bus. The last 25 minutes I was walking uphill. When I got home I was a little sweaty, but I felt very well again and very happy!

My wife had been cooked a soup with carrots, potatoes, onions, milk, broth and chopped meat. Then everything in the blender and done. I digested the meal very well.

The afternoon I enjoyed outside in the sun, total relax.

Now let’s see how I will feel during the first night at home, my upper part of the bed is not so high as in the hospital. What will happen? Will I have problems with swallowing?

to be continued ….


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