Achalasia – Three weeks after surgery

Three weeks passed since my POEM surgery. To say it short, I feel great!

During the first two weeks I still felt some chest pains from time to time, not more than 30 minutes in duration. With drinking orange juice I’m able to reduce the pain or even to stop the pain. Few times I feel a strange feeling behind the chest, like a bit burning, it’s not strong but just enough for feeling me uncomfortable. But now since last week I’m free of all the pains.

I’m eating normal, means I can eat salad, pasta, fish, potatoes, vegetables, chicken and even meat in slices. I do not have pains while eating and the food goes well to the stomach. Even I tried pizza and bread, no problem at all. Wine, beer and coffee are not harming me at all. The only thing I have to be careful is not eating to much at night else I get some strange feelings on my esophagus near the stomach.

During the night I’m not awaking for coughing liquid out of my lungs, all normal. I only still have my head a bit higher, this helps surely.

The only medicament I take is Pantazol 40 mg twice a day, just for security reasons. I have no signs of reflux.
When coughing before the surgery I was able to produce the chest pains, this is now not happening anymore! Amazing!

So until now I just can say, that the POEM surgery the way Dr. Inoue does helped me a lot. I’m very optimistic that my state will continue like this and I can do absolutely a normal life.


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