Achalasia – Five months after surgery

The month are passing so quick, we are in August, 5 month to Christmas and 5 month passed since my surgery. As I wrote in my last blogs I feel better and better, now I can say that the few chest pains I still had went away. Since 7 weeks I do not feel any burning in my chest or other strange things, I would say I’m to 99% absolutely normal.

I still take every day mostly before breakfast one pill of 40mg Pantoprazol, just for safety that no acid liquids will go up my esophagus. Around in 8 month I will go to check-up to my doctor and then we will see, if I do have a problem with reflux or not. As far as I can feel, I do not have acid reflux.

By the way, I found a link which does explain very well the method of POEM by the Prof. Dr. Inoue himself and there are a lot of videos just showing the procedure in detail:


4 thoughts on “Achalasia – Five months after surgery

  1. Hi Roger,
    I’m glad to hear such positive feedback from your POEM surgery. Best of luck. I’ve been an achalasia sufferer for a many years now and its seems to be deteriorating very fast at the moment. I keep looking for some hope on the internet and I feel I may have found some after reading your blog. You were quite lucky to have Dr. Inoue as your surgeon, the dr. that actually invented POEM. Do you have any information on whether he is still practising at the hospital you were at? Or where he is currently performing such an operation. I live in Canada and I don’t believe it is available here. Thanks Renata

    • Hi Renata,

      Dr Inoue is still practising, look at my blogroll, there you find a link to Dr Inoue website. I wish you good luck and hope you will find the right surgery method for you.

      Best regards


  2. I am so glad that you are doing well. My mother suffered from this condition for over 40 years and when she died she weighed maybe 60 pounds. I go in for my motility test on Monday because i have many of the same symptoms. My doctor has mentioned Botox injections if my test show that I have it. Have you ever tried those and if so how did they work. Hope things continue to go well for you.

    • Hi Cheryl,

      My doctor never used Botox to me, he told me about it and I was able to find information on the Internet how it works, so deciding with my doctor he used the balloon dilation procedure. This was fine for doing time until a better method shows up. I was lucky with POEM and indeed until know it worked for me. All my symptoms have gone, no more pains on the chest, no problems with eating, only I think that when I eat too much at night so I have reflux. When I eat normal at diner, I do not have problems. Anyway I take each morning a pill agains the stomach acid. That’s the only drawback I have.

      Hope you will be fine.

      Best regards


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