Achalasia – Nine months after surgery

First day in 2013, happy new year to everybody. Also there passed now more than 9 month since my surgery and I just can tell, that I feel very good. Except of yesterday, I never felt anymore chest pains, I can eat normal and during night I sleep again normal. Yesterday I felt this chest pain. I had it twice during the day. In the morning for around 15 minutes and in the afternoon for around 30 minutes. This was again the first time I felt these pains for month. I think that in the last week I was eating a lot and my weight went up for around 3 kg. I imagine, that the stomach is getting bigger and like this reacting with the esophagus. Maybe therefor the pain comes. So now I really will burn some kilos and then let’s see if I will feel better. I also found out that at night is better not to eat so much, like this during night I will not have the feeling that the food is pushing up. Also I still take in the morning the 40 mg Pantozol. Now in May 2013 I will have again an exam of my esophagus, so I will see for then if there was no acid reaction on the entrance to the stomach.

So looking back to 2012 I can only say that it was the right decision I took to have treated my Achalasia in using POEM as surgery alternative. I hope those of you which also took this decision are feeling equal happy as I do. Good luck to everybody for 2013.


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