My name is Roger, I’m 46 years old.

I had achalasia since 2008. The doctors made 5 balloon dilation during 4 years but the problems of achalasia always came back. Mostly this chest pains and problems of swallowing food.

So I decided one day in Februars 2012 to let me operate using the new POEM (per oral endoscopic myotomy) Method by Dr. H. Inoue.

This Blog tells what happened, how I felt during the surgery and after the days, weeks, month and years to come.

This Blog shall give to everybody an autentic view on using POEM.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Roger
    How do we contact Dr Inoue ? You were very lucky to be operated by him
    I have achalasia and live in Canada
    Kind regards

    • Hi,
      Like Carl Parent, I live in Canada and would love to find out how to contact Dr. Inoue. Just wanted to know if you anyone has found out where in Canada or even the U.S they might perform the POEM surgery, if at all.
      Kind regards,

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